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:: Friday, March 26, 2004 ::

Anesthesiologist, not surgeon, performs surgical abortion, which maims mother. Mother didn't know abortionist was no surgeon and says she never would have consented to the abortion had she known.

"In the mid 1990s, the Montana legislature put an informed consent law for abortion on the books, but it was struck down by the Montana Supreme Court. The high court said the law was unconstitutional because it violated a privacy provision in the state constitution."

What a victory for abortion-advocates who claim they lobby for these laws for the sake of womens' health.

In other news, more illegal "pro-choice" vandalism. Denying an individual their right to choose what to use as lawn ornaments doesn't seem very pro-choice to me. Also, the crosses merely represented the number of children killed in abortions daily in this country. That information can be gotten from the abortion-supporting Alan G. Institute. No one can argue with the numbers, so it seems the vandalizing abortion-supporters simply wanted to suppress the information. Imagine them not wanting anyone to know how many people are hurt by abortion.

Further, there has never been one documented case of a coathanger abortion. Not one. Women are smarter than to go shish-ka-bobbing themselves with coathangers. Too bad abortion-supporting women's groups don't seem to think so. If they believe that women are so stupid that we're going to start mutillating ourselves with coathangers, then how can they possibly trust us with such a profound and important choice as ending or not ending a child's life?

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