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:: Friday, March 19, 2004 ::

After the post the other day about the so-called "religious" organizations that advocate choice, I had some interesting email that prompted me to make this clarification:

My opposition to abortion is BASED on my personal experience with abortion and later became SUPPORTED by my faith.

Before the abortion I believed myself to be a Christian and was the biggest abortion supporter you ever saw. After I lost my child in an abortion I didn't want anything to do with religion or God. During this time I realized that I could no longer support abortion and that I must actively oppose it.

Five years later I stepped foot into a church. I found that when I spent less time "interpreting" the Bible and just reading it, abortion was not ever supported by God and could never be. This was new to me, because my former, abortion-supporting church, presented God as the ultimate "pro-choicer".

So for the record, for the first 25 years of my life I was "religious" and "pro-choice". Then I aborted my first child in the second trimester and spent the next 5 years totally rejecting Christianity and abortion.

My opposition to abortion stems from my experience with abortion, not from my religious beliefs. If anything, for 25 years my religious beliefs supported abortion.

My abortion opposition:

BASED on experience

That's just the order in which it came around for me.

Can I say it any clearer?

:: ashli 1:15 PM # ::

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