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:: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 ::

A 20-week baby will be aborted in less than an hour.

Here is the email I just received:

"At 11 AM today, *** and her mom *** will arrive at The Presidential, the abortuary in West Palm. Her panciked cousin, ***, called yesterday to see if we could help stop it.

I sat down at Hyde Park cause we thought they were coming there. *** just called and said they will be at WPB to kill the baby because *** is 20 weeks.

*** said he would get right over there and find someone to go with him. It is a nasty place to be. Owner of the abortuary is horrific to the people who come and try to help mothers and children avoid that heartache and death. *** and company will be at risk as they try to fend off this child's death. Pray for just the right partner for *** as they go over. Pray for wisdom as they approach the baby's grandmother, ***'s coercing mom. Pray that *** can run away from that place and her mom to safety with ***.

I am so glad we have the Source for our networking and thankful that all who read will go to that source to make a miracle happen for this little one and that He will use this in his/her life years down the road..."

For those that pray, please do. Now. Right now.

:: ashli 10:12 AM # ::

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