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:: Wednesday, February 04, 2004 ::

There Goes My Life, recorded by country cutie Kenny Chesney, is a wonderful "pro-life" song that makes me teary-eyed each time I hear it. The video is even more compelling. It's the story of a young couple (high school or college aged) who finds out they are pregnant. At football practice the girl tells the boy she is pregnant and he reacts by sort of freaking out and telling her, "There goes my life." She starts bawling and the boy goes to the locker room and cries by himself thinking of all the plans he made will never come true.

Plans change.

In the next segment Chesney sings "That mistake he thought he made covers up the refrigerator..." and we see pictures of his beautiful blonde toddler plastered all over the fridge. As he watches his li'l punkin toddle up the stairs he smiles and thinks to himself, "There goes my life."

In the final segment she is older and drives off for college as he once again cries and remarks, "There goes my life."

I like the song because they don't abort the baby and the guy realizes that his "mistake" is not really a mistake but instead is his daughter, his life. He doesn't leave his girlfriend or shirk his responsibilities. Perhaps that doesn't represent the majority of cases, but some guys are decent and stick around, and the video is a good message to send to guys today.

Give it a listen.

There's another country song, Long Black Train, recorded by Josh Turner. The video is more obviously "pro-life" than the actual song because in one segment it shows a desperate young pregnant girl considering abortion or some equally dark, life-wasting deed. The actual song makes no reference to her situation, so you have to rely on the video to know something of what the recording artist may feel about the subject of life, death and abortion. However, a read of the lyrics conveys that the Long Black Train is anything that appears to be a solution but is actually a nefarious, death-dealing lie. That certainly applies to abortion, and I'm pleased that they were brave enough to include the image of the young pregnant girl in the video. Food for thought.

It's interesting how free country music artists are to sing about God and to express such unpopular ideas as not killing your children. I always hated country music when I was younger. Thought it was for dentally, mentally challenged suckers. Turns out the only sucker was me.

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