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:: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 ::

A raving pal did a little snoop work and uncovered an interesting correlation between Pam Smallwood's abortion-related activities with the Girl Scouts and Smallwood's abortion-related activities with public libraries. Pam is a busy little abortion bee! Buzzz, buzzz!

I went here and was informed:
"You'd be surprised what a Girl Scout cookie can build."

In fact I was surprised to learn a Girl Scout cookie could build a legacy of death, deception and glorified violence against females, yessiree! I was in Girl Scouts and I gotta tell you, we were building campfires and s'mores, so yes, yes I am a little stunned.

While looking at the tasty, newly abortion-related cookies I noticed that Samoas have been renamed, probably due to a few cheesed-off, culturally sensitive Hawaiians. That's cool, that's cool, but in light of the recent Planned Parenthood connection to Girl Scouts, let's do some more renaming just for fun.

Possible Girl Scalp Cookies:

Pinatas = Premie Pinatas
Caramel Delights = Delightful Caramels (aka D&C's)
Peanut Butter Patties = Potential Pattys
Shortbread Cookies = Suredead Cookies
Thinmints = Thinhints
Peanut Butter Sandwiches = Pulverized "Peanut" Sammiches (Those li'l "Peanuts" make a delicious sammy!)
Reduced Fat Lemon Pastry Cremes = Induced Fetal Product Screams
Animal Treasures = Animal Pleasures (part of the proceeds will go to PETA for the protection of rat fetuses and other animal rights issues)

Strong values. STRONG values. Oh Pam, you're doing such great things with the life you've been given!

Death sure tastes good on a cookie!

:: ashli 11:03 AM # ::

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