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:: Saturday, February 21, 2004 ::

More Girl Scout news...

One Texas chapter of Girl Scouts is sponsoring a Planned Parenthood event called "Nobody's Fool". Planned Parenthood, our nation's number one abortion provider, in fact, intends to make fools of everyone who will listen including Girl Scouts. Deception for profit is their primary goal.

"Nobody's Fool" (which should be called "Planned Parenthood's Fool") is a sexual education event that targets minors and promotes abortion. The event actually includes literature that states that abortion is an acceptable practice. (PP is also taking the message to the churces in it's "Talking About Sex in the Sanctuary" campaign. Included is the message that sex is a normal, healthy part of teenage life. Isn't that what the Bible says? Oh well, who needs the Bible in church?)

Beth Vivo, one of the characters who made the Girl Scout sponsored abortion promotion possible now makes this appalling statement:

"We hope [boycotters] will not approach Girl Scouts, young girls, and try to speak to them about this because, certainly, the girls would not understand what they're talking about, the context of it."

In the hackneyed attempt to paint "pro-lifers" as the bad, child-harming villain, see how she uses the term "young girls" to convey the kids' contrasting innocence. Don't make victims out of them, she implores. Yet it is she, in part, who took their innocence and used it to make victims out of them. They do not understand abortion, she conveys. Don't expose them to the horror of it, she pleads... all the while using them to promote sex and abortion to minors in the community. Beth's message is: The children mustn't know what they are doing or what we have done to them. Telling them would hurt them so shhh...

Meanwhile some parents are aware enough to be outraged and have explained Planned Parenthood's role in abortion to their young Scouts, an explanation that has left their innocent girls in tears.

Many of us however are not shocked that under the guise of "Nobody's Fool" Planned Parenthood is already duping innocent little girls at the tenderest age.

Lest we forget that children, especially the young ones, are a cash crop for PP.


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