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:: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 ::

Cookies, anyone?

As soon as I am well enough I am going to buy a box of Girl Scout cookies just to say thanks to the one Texas chapter that finally wised up and disassociated from Planned Parenthood. The Bluebonnet council of the Girl Scouts of America will no longer financially support the killing of future Girl Scouts.

Planned Parenthood was "shocked" and abortion drone Pam Smallwood had this to say:

"The children of Central Texas now have been given the clear
message that the bullying tactics of a few are more successful
than an informed democracy."

Our democracy will never be informed as long as Pam and others like her continue to vote against such ever-so-slightly related things as, oh, I dunno... abortion information acts! She works for Planned Parenthood, for Pete's sake. An informed democracy is the last thing she wants.

Also, our little Pamie failed to mention that "the Girl Scout leadership found 90% opposition to their alliance with Planned Parenthood of Central Texas."

According to Pam 90% equals "a few". Now, I'm not real good at math, but 90%... that's kind of a majority, yes?

Pam's description of democracy reminds me of the U.S. majority who opposed abortion in the early seventies when seven MEN decided on abortion for a nation that didn't want it. Democracy? Is this like the mayor of San Francisco ignoring the majority vote against gay marriage and issuing illegal licenses anyway?

I'll bet democracy would actually work much better if it wasn't for certain Democrats.

Anyway, buy some cookies!

:: ashli 12:28 PM # ::

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