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:: Friday, February 27, 2004 ::

Aborting your baby? Wash your hands.

Just how "safe" is abortion? No one knows, and here's why.

In addition to being involved in the death of the woman mentioned above, Planned Parenthood, who always fights any kind of parental notification laws, is hosting a forum promoting parent-child communication. Haha!

When I was a teacher I had a student come to me with a tick on her head. Its little mouth was burrowed probably a millimeter into her scalp just sucking happily away. Since we could not reach the child's parents to receive permission to remove the tick, I was advised by my principal to leave the parasite there for this child's parents to remove when she got home, as this was interpreted as a "medical procedure". I thought this was totally stupid.

Get this straight: If you live in Florida, your child can't get a tick removed from her head without your permission, but she can get a second trimester baby removed from deeeep within her body without anyone's permission... provided she has the cash.

Bear in mind that if she is wounded in the abortion, it is her parents, not the state who kept them in the dark, who will have to foot the bill however many thousands of dollars it is, and they will have to live with a physically and perhaps emotionally wounded child.

Tick removal? Gotta ask Mom and Dad. Late-term baby removal? It's none of their business. (And this is good for Planned Parenthood's business.)

Where, might you ask, is Planned Parenthood holding this forum? Well, at the local YMCA of course! This is not surprising when you consider that the national mission of the YMCA is "To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all." WHAT?!

This ol' world just makes a whole lotta sense.

:: ashli 12:05 PM # ::

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