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:: Monday, January 26, 2004 ::

ABC News' shocking awful abortion bias

Write them. I know I did:

"Over a hundred thousand peaceful 'pro-lifers' showed up for the March for Life in Washington and instead of giving that gathering any exposure whatsoever, you gave airtime to W. Clarke to reaffirm his support of abortion. Not only that, but on your website you featured two articles that not only firmly supported abortion but dug up the skankiest pseudo-'pro-life' nutbags you could find and cast them to represent the whole of the anti-violence, anti-abortion movement. Your bias is obvious.

ABC news is neither fair nor balanced. You are supposed to report the news, not manipulate information in a smarmy attempt to dictate national philosophy. I have lost all faith in ABC news and will no longer watch it. When you only present one side of an issue as acceptable while doing your darndest to smear the other side, you're not giving your viewers much of a choice. Why can't you present both sides fairly and accurately? Don't you trust the public to make good choices? Or is that the very thing that has you running so scared?"

They know that if people really knew the truth and if women really had choices, it would make abortion rare. This is what abortion supporters say they want while simultaneously cranking out their candy-coated nightmare.

:: ashli 8:52 AM # ::

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