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:: Monday, December 29, 2003 ::

This from FFL:

"The Washington Times is running its second annual contest for Noble of the Year and has nominated Patricia Heaton for 'her public support of the pro-life movement.'

The contest runs only through December 31. If you'd like to vote for Patricia Heaton, send an email to crousseaux@washingtontimes.com with the subject line 'Nobles contest'. If you prefer, you may send a fax to 202-715-0037.

The Times is also running a 'Knave of the Year 'contest, and this year they have nominated Dear Abby, for 'advising a terrified pregnant teen-ager to go to Planned Parenthood for help.' To vote for Dear Abby, use the same instructions above.

For more information on the contest, see the Washington Times website at http://www.washingtontimes.com/op-ed/20031226-085001-2143r.htm"

DO IT! Here are my emails:

"I'd like to nominate Dear Abby as Knave of the Year for advising a scared, pregnant teen to go to our nation's number one abortion provider: Planned Parenthood. Pretty sneaky."


"I'd like to nominate Patricia Heaton for her public support of the pro-woman, pro-child, pro-life movement dispite its unpopularity with the majority of today's celebrities. She is a gutsy feminist who donates time and scads of money to a wonderful, positive cause. Patricia is not afraid to do what is right, and I think that's pretty noble!"

Join me in my New Year's resolution to oppose the violence and indignity of abortion even more! I for one am New and Improved for 2004! Make your own nominations and send them in TODAY!

:: ashli 1:44 PM # ::

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