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:: Monday, December 22, 2003 ::

After signing a petition (at care2.com) to get big tobacco ads out of children's magazines, a NARAL support page popped up and my eyes popped out. This is a hippy site, for pete's sake. Abortion-supporting hippies??? Good grief, this is as contradictory as "pro-choice feminist"!

Copy of email to them:
"i love you guys, but i was shocked and disgusted to see that, after signing a petition to have tabacco companies stop advertising to children, you posted your support of the naral organization, a smarmy, vile group that is as deceptive and deadly as the tobacco industry. very disappointed that you people call yourselves ecologically friendly while you support the absolute ruin of our country's most valuable resource: our children. NOTHING about abortion is natural. didn't you learn ANYTHING from genuine feminist mary shelly??? you can't mess with mother nature, and ripping a child out of her mommy's womb is certainly crossing the line.

please rethink your approach/support. you can NOT claim to be non-violent and support abortion at the same time.

i will boycott your service from now on until you stop publicly supporting violence against women and children."

Then I got this in the auto reply:
"The time is always right to do what is right" - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Well that really burned me up so I wrote more (because I'm pregnant and on bedrest and hormones are making my knickers twist more than usual).

"what is right is to protect the world environments of all people, including gestating children. the womb environment is the most natural environment in the world. to promote the destruction of this environment for anyone is antithesis to the message of do no harm. it is anti-nature. one human being's right to "choose" does not trump another living human being's right to remain alive. thinking otherwise is a grave violation of civil rights. do what is right. stop supporting naral."

Then, when I checked their site a little more deeply, I saw all this crap on there about the fight against breast cancer. That's when my head exploded and my brain fell out. So they are sitting here suckling at the teat of the abortion industry... or better yet, feeding her their best like some grotesquely obese termite queen and then they are crying foul when she spits out women with breast cancer!!! WHAT CAN BE SAID AT A TIME LIKE THIS? Insanity, insanity... a song that all the world is singing.

I have some interesting news coming up from the underground. Pictures included. Stay tuned.


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