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:: Thursday, September 18, 2003 ::

With permission from the writer, an excerpt from an email I received:

"I came home and received a letter from my attorney. The abortionist (who wouldn't stop when I changed my mind) has no insurance and the clinic was sold 2 weeks after I was there. They say they have 10 people who will testify against me. According to them, when I told them to stop they gave me the option of going to the ER to save my baby (oh i mean "fetus"), and they say I didn't respond to their offer at all. First of all, none of that ever happened! I was never offered any alternative!! When I told them (loudly) to stop and they ignored me, I tried to get up off the table and physically walk out of there, but they wouldn't let me! They held me there against my will, and I didn't have a second chance! Their testmony is full of lies, and now I feel I don't even have a case and nothing is going to happen to the people who did this to my child and I. Nothing! This is so messed up! I can't believe this is happening! And to make things worse, my attorney had requested all original docs which would have included the sonogram that I want so badly. I was planning to ask him for it but now it's too late."

Boy, they really respected this woman's "right to choose".

:: ashli 8:49 PM # ::

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