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:: Thursday, September 25, 2003 ::

With permission, an excerpt from a letter I received:

"I did a search on the woman that you told me about and I found a lot of sites with info about her and her case. I don't know why I never heard about her on the news.

The site that I went to had some stuff about abortionists (I really hate to refer to them as doctors because they aren't healers in my book) and I found an article about the guy that Paul Hill killed and was floored when I read that he had been responsible for a girl's death in the same abortion clinic as the Jane Roe woman. Why in the hell wasn't that mentioned during the endless Paul Hill media parade leading to his death? It would have been important to add along with all the other crap they showed. Not that it would have made it OK, it just would have showed that Britton wasn't just an innocent, compassionate old fart that cared about women's rights like the they portrayed him to be. I don't understand this at all.

You know I live in Jacksonville, Florida where the church, mainly First Baptist Church, has a HUGE part in all decisions that are made here. The guy that was the preacher there died about 3 years ago, and I will never forget, because this club that he was hell-bent on shutting down (and he tried many times before his church was finally successful) threw a big party the weekend after he passed. Homer Lindsey, that was his name. Anyway, his church hated the fact that this club had a bondage night every Saturday. "Saturday Night Seduction" it was called. So almost every Saturday it would get raided and the owner would be arrested and the people attending would all have to go to somewhere else. Whatever. My point here is that... well, why is it that the church, not just First Baptist (because I know that there are Homer Lindsey's everywhere) doesn't "flex their muscle" when it comes to abortion?

Everything I found out after losing my child in an abortion... why wasn't all of this info available before? I mean, I know that the sites that I go to have been there forever but that can't be the only way to show people what this is really like.

Why is it that I can't buy liquor on a Sunday and restaurants can't even sell liquor within a certain amount of feet from a church here and yet there are 3 abortion facilities almost next door to at least 4 churches here?! I want to go to one of them this Sunday and say "Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that while you are sitting here listening to the Word, 10, if not more, babies are being killed right next door. But don't worry, when the broken women leave the clinic and you wave to them as you get into your SUV's, they will not be able to buy any alcoholic beverages. Yippie!! " What the hell?

How can religious people fight tooth and nail for stupid things like alcohol and clubs but will take a bow to abortion? I don't get it. And things may not be like this everywhere but they certainly are here."

This writer has some great points. Religious people aren't the only ones who act like this, but they have, I think, the greatest responsibility because they represent God. Still, they aren't alone in their abortion-related hypocrisy.

First, how about women's groups that claim to care about women first and foremost - and then sell them abortion and lie to them about important things like the fact that abortion causes breast cancer. Boy, that's really caring about women.

And look at frickin PETA for cryin out loud. They would cut off their own arm to prevent a rabbit embryo from being aborted but they have no comment regarding the death of a child at any stage of pregnancy. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals? How about People for the Ethical Treatment of People???

And how about the ACLU? Or anyone who fights for equality or civil rights? How about Black or Jewish groups that support abortion? Hello, do they not know what it's like to be targeted, used and slaughtered because of the way an individual looks or his/her ability or some other difference?

Lots of hypocrites in this world, but I do understand the particular outrage regarding the church. We have been excused of all our dreadfully bad ethic because the innocent Son of God enveloped the world with compassion as He stretched out His bruised and broken arms on the cross and gave the ultimate payment for us. To whom much is given, much is required.

However, if you look at the flip side, pretty much the only people doing anything to prevent abortion or to help women after abortion are Christians. Should the church be doing more? Absolutely. But so should other groups and so should individuals.

And information on abortion has always been out there. Many people devote their lives to preventing that information from ever seeing the light of day. Abortion is a gigantic cash cow. Millions of dollars are spent on keeping information suppressed if that information is harmful to the industry. And the truth about abortion is harmful the the industry.

Women are being oppressed for lots of reasons, but one of them is because an organization makes a ton off of aborting women's children and then makes certain contributions that empower the organization to influence individuals in law-making power. Certain people come into power, like Clinton, and they embrace abortion and start creating all kinds of laws that promote abortion. People who try to speak out or who try to share information about the reality of abortion are frowned upon and do not gain favor or power when people over them support abortion. This is just one aspect of the power struggle. We have groups right now, like the American Cancer Society, who refuse to inform women that abortion can cause breast cancer even after most of the scientific evidence supports that conclusion. You can bet there's a dollar bill somewhere behind that.

I'm not trying to say there's a government conspiracy, but think about it: if abortion is available it makes it easier to cut back on welfare spending. You say to a woman, "I'm taking away this benefit and that, and if you have five more children, good luck to you." I have read comments from moms on welfare and they said that they felt like they could not feed and clothe the children they were pregnant with because their benefits were running out or they weren't getting more benefits for the extra child... so it led directly to their decision to abort. Now, if abortion was illegal we'd have a starving baby or two if the government didn't step in, and I believe they would have to step in... but not if abortion is available. If abortion is available the woman is abandoned, because she has the power to "take care of it". The government doesn't leave her with a starving child, they leave her with abortion, and that is just dandy for the economy (but bad for people). Abortion lets so many people off the hook but not mother and child.

You've heard of the Liberal media? It is. Often groups try to get abortion information to women by trying to spend a wad on full-page articles in massive papers with scads of readership. On several occasions the newspapers refuse to run ads. I know that some groups had trouble getting black and white illustrations of partial birth abortion in papers, because abortion-supporting papers said these images were too disturbing. No blood, no gore, just the truth in a few simple images during a time when America's representatives were voting on this issue. How can our officals represent our opinion on something we know nothing about? How can we ourselves support something we know nothing about?

Oh, we manage that just fine. And that's where an individual's responsibility comes in. From the moment I decided I was staunchly "pro-choice" I had the responsibility to make sure I knew what I was talking about. However, I gave that responsibility away. I trusted other sources to relay truthful information. They did the research so I didn't have to. I never questioned abortion. I developed my own seriously flawed ideas based on cliche "coathanger" soundbites. It helped me kill everyone else's children with my vote, but it ended up killing my child. Oopsie. What a way to get an education.

There are many to blame in my situation but my child was given to me to carry, my child was my responsibility. To whom much is given, much is required. And when we vote, we carry the massive responsibility of determining whether we have the right or not to kill millions of innocent children. In that way we are given much, and much is required. But so far we haven't given so much as a simple commitment to educating ourselves. We wouldn't do it to save our own lives, and our children are dying because of it.

Hillary Clinton, a very misguided woman, said it takes a village to raise a child (and yet she abandons women to abortion). Well evidently it takes a nation to even give birth to a child. We as a nation all have the responsibility to seek out information regarding something we intend to vote on or do for the good of ourselves and everyone else. We have been given the power to embrace and nurture human life or to extinguish it. That is a huge responsibility.

To whom much is given, much is required.

:: ashli 8:17 AM # ::

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