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:: Friday, September 19, 2003 ::

Uh oh. I have it from a very trusted source that Alan Keyes, who spoke at a local event last week, compared women who abort to the terrorists of September 11th fame. A very misguided comparison which is, imho, neither true nor good for the "pro-life" movement.

(I thought "pro-lifers" were supposed to "love them both".)

I, for one, was not aware that the terrorists had been working so hard to make sure all those Americans had long and happy lives but then ended up physically snapping and sacrificing hostages in order to be able to eat again... thereby reversing the liver dysfunction and ending starvation-induced hallucinations caused by the lives of hostages who the terrorists loved and really wanted to preserve. I just really had NO IDEA all that was going on. All this time I thought it was a simple situation of baddies v. goodies, but what a complex issue!

I tell ya, Alan Keyes, I learn somethin' new every day.

:: ashli 9:40 AM # ::

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