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:: Friday, September 05, 2003 ::

Emily has written an interesting piece about abortionists, women who abort and forgiveness. Lest this appear to be some sort of rebuttal it is not. I merely want to veer off the path a bit with a few thoughts.

Being a woman who aborted a very much anticipated and mutually wanted child due to a medical illness... even I realize that I am not a blameless victim. I agree that all mothers have a responsibility to their children. That being said...

In a previous post, I expressed that killing thousands of innocent children and killing a person who kills thousands of innocent children are not the same thing.

I am not, I repeat NOT saying I think it was a good or even acceptable thing for Paul Hill to kill the abortionist (and the security guard who protected the killing of innocent children), but I am saying the two things are different. Murdering a murderer is what Paul Hill did, is what the State of Florida did. On the one hand it is wrong for Paul Hill to kill a man who killed probably thousands of innocent children, but on the other hand, it was "justice" when Florida murdered Paul. (And America wants to murder Saddam... because he's a murderer.)

And just as an aside, convicted criminals Henry Lee Lucas and his pal Ottis Toole (little Adam Walsh's decapitating murderer) rotted in jail but were never murdered for being serial murderers. So murdering murderers is justice and not murdering murderers is justice, but murdering murderers is wrong and not wrong.

What? The only explanation is that some murdering is different than other murdering. Even in prison there seem to be grades of murderers. I have heard tell of particularly heinous murderers having to be protected from other murderers in jail, because the other murderers thought the heinous murderers were bad.

Being a woman who aborted a child because of a terrible, debilitating illness and being an abortionist who kills thousands of children day in and day out for money are two different beasts. Being a woman who aborts a child because she is scared of being kicked out or killed or left or starving her other children... and being an abortionist who jerks a sonogram out of her view as he prepares to destroy his 20th baby of the day are not the same. A person who kills one person and a person who kills 100 people are not the same. They are both murderers but not to the same degree.

And in the case of abortion, the mother delivers her child to a hired killer, but she doesn't actually do the killing. Call it a technicality, a cop out, what have you, but unless she swallows a deadly pill, her crime will always be paying someone to kill her child, not actually killing her child. I don't know anything about law, but someone tell me how it works in illegal cases of hiring hitmen. Who gets the stiffer penalty, the one who hires the hitman or the guy who actually whacks the victim? It should be the guy who actually does the killing and not the guy who has the wallet, but not the stomach, for it. Without the murdering hands of the hit man, there is no crime.

What about the mother who whips out her gun and aims for the pecker of the neighborhood pedophile who has, coincidentally, molested her own son? She's going to jail all right, and maybe, if he's not too busy "contributing" to society, the pedophile will even send her a post card from the outside. Are we all so turned off by this type of vigilante justice that we would actually say with a straight face that what she did was just as bad as what the child molester did? Oh please.

All sin is sin and separates us from God no matter how small, but some people take wrong doing to a whole nutha level.

It is very hard for me to feel any sympathy for people whose business is killing children. I know that I didn't cry a tear on the day that the abortionist was gunned down, but I did feel a little sick inside on the day Paul Hill was tucked into bed for his big dirt nap.

Moms who've aborted v. abortionists who continually abort...
I have heard of women who have aborted 12 times. That's about a half a day's work (or less) for an abortionist. So who is the star player in abortion's Scum Bag Theater? The scared, sick or even selfish woman or the abortionist who makes his monthly Jag payment off the blood of countless children?

I'm a fallible human being (read: "crummy sinner"). In my personal life, I sometimes find it hard to forgive people who are sorry. But I find it nearly impossible to forgive those who are not only NOT sorry but proud of the heinous acts they commit. For example, it's hard for me to forgive myself for bringing my child to a place of death and hiring a man to kill him/her, and it's practically irrealizable to forgive the man who tore my 15-week-old's legs off, snapped his/her spine in half, and crushed his/her very precious little human head. I was sick as a dog, desperate to not only survive but to live one moment without physical pain. What's his excuse? He did it because I asked him to? Would you do it if someone asked you to? Is that all it takes?

We're talking about a man who wants to erect, in the center of Ocala, Florida, a statue of himself that says he brought them "freedom".

As Emily points out, what I did and what he does=wrong. But I want to go a step further and say that what I did and what he does are not the same.

I'll tell ya, I'm all for supposition, but with me there just comes a point, a black dot of reason where a spade is a spade and an abortionist is just damned Evil.

Not that the degrees of wrongness are so important. (Although it might explain why people like Paul Hill are picking off abortionists and not their patrons.) In my case I appreciate Christ all that much more. Whatever the crime, He paid for it on the cross for those who love and accept Him AND ARE SORRY. In that respect, all sin is the same: forgiven.

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