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:: Saturday, August 16, 2003 ::

Major call from Patte this morning. Another HG case showed up on Pendergraft's steps begging for physical relief. Let's blog about it on Monday.

Today let's be in grade school and do a "he said, she said". It gets a little ugly, but you know... I'm just not perfect.

Remember when I posted tidbits from the Abortion Crime Report? One abortion supporter took it upon herself to footnote the SICLE Cell in a paper entitled "The Myth of 'Pro-Abortion' Violence". I didn't exactly cotton to being used to promote such a paradoxical idea, so I wrote the writer to express that:

"I thought some of your criticisms were good re: the myriad crimes reported in the abortion crime report. However, if you want to remove crime from the discussion and speak entirely of violence, it's obvious which side is most violent.

Unlike the abortion movement the "anti-choice" movement, as you call it, is not involved in the destruction of 4,500 American children every single day.

Having lost a child in a second trimester abortion, I have to laugh at your misguided claims that abortion-related violence is a myth. Abortion IS violence. Your political orientation has no bearing on biology and fact. Science beats semantics any day.

And haven't you heard? Women deserve better than abortion.


She replied, but I mastered the debate by using MY INCREDIBLE, SUPERHUMAN "ANTI-CHOICE" POWERS!
(Read that last bit in a loud, echoing voice.)

Some "pro-life" answers to "pro-choice" arguments:

(her): "Insisting that abortion is violence simply incites anti-choice activists to commit violence against the pro-choice side. It's irresponsible - and it means you tacitly support anti-choice terrorism. "

(me): I insist abortion is violence like I insist punching someone in the face is violence.

I don't incite "anti-choice" violence, abortion incites "anti-choice" as well as "pro-choice" violence. Gee, something that incites so much violence may not be such a good thing.

Saying that I tacitly support "anti-choice" terrorism is a bit of a joke. Using your logic, I could say that your support of abortion encourages "anti-choice" violence, as abortion itself is what motivates "anti-choice" (and "pro-choice) violence. If, after digging around for a retort, THAT'S all you've come up with, you might want to reconsider your position and cause.

(her): "I looked up the word violence and it does not relate to abortion; violence is generally characterized by intensity, excess force, and unlawfulness. Which is a perfect description of anti-choice terrorism."

(me): My child was destroyed by abortion and my cervix was permanently damaged by abortion. Did you hear my abortion-supporting OB telling me that because of the abortion-related damage I would need stitches to try and keep my next "fetus" from falling out and dying on the floor in front of me? Did you see my eviscerated 15-week-old? I would say it took a little force to do that. Anything that tears an arm off or kills someone is a little excessive, wouldn't you say? And for the record, boxing is legal, but it involves violence. Just because something is legal does not mean it is not violent. See "hunting". (See "abortion".)

Also, your beloved term "pro-choice" isn't really accurate is it. You are not for the choice of raping a woman or beating a born child. You are not for the choice that the terrorists made on Sept. 11. In fact, you are anti-choice when those things are the litmus.

I, on the other hand, am totally for the choice of one's career, one's mate, one's tattoo, one's breakfast cereal. If those are the litmus then I am pro-choice. The terms you use have no merit all by themselves but on the surface they point devious fingers; They say: "me good, you bad"... they don't, however, indicate whether what you're saying is true or not. It's all about misleading semantics, baby, because that's all abortion supporters have to stand on.

(her): "Abortion might better be compared to the euthanasia of an animal - that is not considered violence either, because it's done at the behest of the owner, in a compassionate way, and in the best interests of the animal, even though the animal doesn't understand its fate, just like the fetus." (She then adds a disclaimer that she is "not suggesting a fetus is an animal of course".)

(me): Using your analogy, we could say that fatally shooting a buck in the face can be compared to fatally shooting a sleeping adult in the face. One of them is perfectly legal while the other is considered murder. So what's the difference? One is human and the other is not. Bingo.

(her): "It sounds like you have had an abortion yourself, unless I'm misunderstanding you.  If that's true, it's very convenient for you to blame the "abortion movement" for the "violence" you committed yourself against your own fetus.  "

(me): How cliche. It's just like an abortion supporter to abandon the woman.

(her): "Did they tie you down to the table?  I'm afraid I have zero respect for anti-choice women who refuse to take responsibility for their own abortions and blame others.  It's neurotic, weak, destructive, and selfish."

(me): Employ the "poor, pathetic, regretful 'Mary'" routine on someone who doesn't know any better. It's the typical abortion supporter's, unfeeling, anti-feminist, abandonment response. It's a classic reaction from people who make a bad thing possible and don't want to take any responsibility for all the trouble it causes. But let some woman say abortion "set her free", and abortion supporters everywhere are patting themselves on the back for a job "well" done.

If abortion supporters haven't done anything personally to me and my child then what are they working so hard for? Why are you personally writing papers and posting them on the Internet if you truly believe that the power of persuasion is fiction and that you have no effect on the life of anyone else? You and I both know better. And I care more about conveying the truth than earning your respect.

(her): "Women deserve better than illegal abortion.  That's why it's legal.  Haven't you heard"

(me): It's truly sad that you think women don't deserve better than abortion period. Genuine feminists usually set the bar a little higher for their "sistuhs". Women deserve the best. It's a high standard, but we're worth it.

By the way, if you have NOT lost a child in an abortion, then you have very little business trying to tell ME what it's all about.


BIFF! POW! Thwack!

Umm... I don't think "thwack" was ever actually on the old Batman series, but I sort of ran out of superhero fight sounds.

I don't think I'm going to continue with the bickering, simply because I used to BE this woman, and I know that there is absolutely nothing you can say to people like this. Of course I'm not, could never be, Serrin Foster. She sets people straight. I just piss them off.

:: ashli 5:30 PM # ::

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