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:: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 ::

John Geoghan, an ex-priest who molested 150 boys, was murdered by a homophobic Neo-nazi who was already rotting in prison for murdering another gay man 15 years ago.

I wonder how the 150 people molested by John Geoghan received the news of his death. Were they outraged that the man who used their youth and weakness to violate them was killed? Will they begin a letter campaign demanding justice for their molester? Or will they feel relieved that a man, who caused them so much pain, suffered and died like a pig? Is the neo-Nazi who killed their attacker despised by them or do they secretly or even openly appreciate his hate-filled action? In the future, how will they feel when other child molesters are destroyed? Will they be removed? Will they be outraged? Or will they feel a sense of justice? Would anyone blame them if they did (feel a sense of justice)?

Yes, I know the situations somewhat differ, but how do women hurt by abortion feel when abortionists are murdered? How many of them despise Paul Hill? And how many of them are buying files to bake into a cake for the man?

What is one wounded person expected to feel that another wounded person is not allowed to feel?

:: ashli 8:50 AM # ::

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