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:: Wednesday, August 13, 2003 ::

Call the March of Dimes (1-888-MODIMES) and tell them they suck for covering up the fact that abortion causes a significant risk of premature delivery in subsequent pregnancies.

Better yet, email them like I did:

"I'm disappointed that the March of Dimes is not doing more to educate the public on the relationship between abortion and premature birth. Not only is the MOD not doing the best to educate the public, you all are COVERING UP this important information. Being a woman who aborted a child, a procedure which damaged my cervix and resulted in 7 months of bedrest to avoid the premature birth of my subsequent child, I passionately take issue with MOD's lack of dedication to women and children. It seems our health is important only if it doesn't conflict with the MOD's political views. SHAME ON THE MARCH OF DIMES!"

:: ashli 10:03 AM # ::

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