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:: Tuesday, July 08, 2003 ::


Ah, the arrogant ignorance of the erudite...

The guy who co-discovered DNA says he would have aborted his son if he had known of his severe epilepsy before birth. The scientist explains that he's not a bad guy and that "Any time you can prevent a seriously sick child from being born, it is good for everyone."

Without debating how "good" it is for the child being killed, I would like to point out that the scientist, never having aborted a child, does not know the pain of losing a child in an abortion.

How good is it for a father to live with his child's blood on his hands? How good is it for a husband to live with a wounded wife who just can't seem to "get over it"? How good is it for a wife to suffer such lingering heartache along with an inflated risk of breast cancer? How good is it to lose a breast or to die from cancer? How good is abortion for the scientist's child, his wife or himself? How good is it for everyone?

People for whom abortion is just a concept and not a reality shouldn't make commentary on how "good" an alternative it is to anything.


"good for him"

"good for her"

"good for them"


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