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:: Wednesday, July 16, 2003 ::

I'm behind on my blogging. (You can thank me later.) I meant to blog about this but didn't, so here's yesterday's news for you:

The liberal media says pro-life, politicians have been taking advantage of and exploiting Laci's grieving family by renaming the Unborn Victims of Violence Act "Laci and Conner's Law" as Laci's mom requested. Laci's mom responded to the twisted claims by very politely telling the liberal media to go to hell.

I admit I enjoyed a delightful moment of uncontrollable snickering.

After abortion has a really interesting article up (July 15) about the psychology of depression and the Venus and Mars effect. It appears stress can negatively affect a woman's memory. Hmmm...

Losing my child in an abortion was (and is) highly stressful to me, and I have had a terrible time with my memory ever since. I can remember everything about the abortion in unusual, painstaking detail, yet we have had to implement certain procedures around the house due to my altered ability to remember things. It really started after the abortion, and now I feel I am perhaps closer to knowing why.

So, campers, not only did I lose my child in an abortion, it seems I also lost my mind.
I don't remember that being in the brochure...


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