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:: Sunday, July 13, 2003 ::

I followed this link over at Emily's After abortion blog and had a good eye-rolling.

The newspaper article claims that Roe aborted a child (she didn't), that legal abortion is fortunate for "all American women" (it isn't), that "one uses one's best judgement and moves on" ("one" doesn't), and that abortion is a gain (it isn't).

I couldn't help myself. I wrote the editor:

"Norma McCorvey never lost a child in an abortion, and it is wrong of you to report that she did and now regrets her "choice".

The editorial claims that it is fortunate for "all American women" that McCorvey's rule 60 request was disregarded by a federal district court. Firstly, I am an American woman, and I don't appreciate the author speaking for me; I can speak for myself. I HAVE lost a child in a SECOND TRIMESTER abortion, and it's cruel and unrealistic to expect a woman to just "move on" as your author suggests. I suffered permanent physical and emotional damage, and abortion significantly increased my risk of breast cancer. At 32 years of age I have to receive breast exams annually for the rest of my life; I may ultimately die from abortion. Other American women have been killed by legal abortion more immediately. How "fortunate" is that for "all American women"? Thanks for showing how utterly insensitive your paper is about "the most difficult 'choice' in a woman's life".

An author who writes an editorial that talks about Roe's abortion clearly has done no research and has no business making commentary on what constitutes "common sense". It's laughable. And while the author claims that most Americans support abortion, what is not elucidated is that most WOMEN oppose it.

On a personal note, abortion is not a "gain" as the editorial opines. At least 93% of abortions are performed for social reasons (i.e., not for medical reasons). That people regard killing a growing child as an acceptable (and even celebrated) method of gaining other things only shows how unevolved and barbaric people still are.

If your paper can't bring itself to care for children then try caring at least for women. And if you folks can't make that stretch then at least do a little research for your articles, tell the truth from now on, and stop embarrassing yourselves."

In hindsight I suppose they can always zing back:
"So, Norma didn't lose a child in abortion? Who ever said she did? We said she 'had' an abortion, and that, as you, an American woman, should know, does not involve losing a child."


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