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:: Friday, July 11, 2003 ::

Here's a note from the sidewalk counselor who has been on a well-deserved vaction but will contribute more to this blog in the future:

"Tonight I was given a terrible reminder of just how bad things are back where death never takes a holiday. At Orlando Women's Center LATE abortions are routine. For a price, the abortionists there will facilitate the slow and painful death of any child in the womb. Mothers hand their bodies over to these wicked men so they can remove the child that grows in their womb. Although ALL abortions are a crime against humanity, the late abortions are particularly abhorrent. At Orlando Women's Center, Thursdays are the late abortion day. Babies all the way to the end of pregnancy are "terminated". On average we sidewalk counselors see anywhere from 3-12 women having second and third trimester abortions (17 weeks and beyond) walking into OWC with the pillows and blankets they'll need to spend the night laboring and delivering their aborted babies. I just received the shocking news:


This means that 21 women labored anywhere from 6-36 hours inside 1103 Lucerne Terrace. One by one these 21 women delivered each of their infants and abandoned them to the clinic staff (medical assistants) who guided the deliveries. Some of the infants survived the abortion and were left to drown in the toilets. Stericycle arrives this week to pick up the bodies as hazardous waste.

Right now there is only one who stands for women and children on the sidewalk at Orlando Women's Center on Thursday mornings. That is simply NOT ENOUGH to reach 21 abortion-bound women and their children. Since each woman brings a companion, the advocate had to try and engage at least 42 people all by himself on Thursday morning. Won't you please set aside time this summer to be a witness too?

Saturdays are the biggest abortion day of the week. Dozens of women and their companions wait for the clinic door to open at 7 AM. If you live in Orlando, Florida, won't you please get up early tomorrow and be there with the other sidewalk counselors to pray and when the time is right, to speak?

Since it is so hard to find AND KEEP volunteers, I am asking you to consider going to Orlando Women's Center abortion clinic JUST ONCE. That's all I'm asking . . . come JUST ONCE. See for yourself what is happening in Orlando and let it move you to make a difference for LIFE.

Also an abortion clinic worker needs your help and prayers!
"Kasha" is a young, single mom who attends a local church.
She wants very much to leave the abortion business. Kasha's desire is to take a Surgical Tech night course (5:45-10pm) over the coming year. This requires an enormous sacrifice of time and energy, both of which are always in short supply for a single mother. Will you please pray for Kasha's needs?
** Perhaps a live-in position (housekeeper/nanny/cook?) that would allow Kasha to work only PART-TIME so that she can devote herself to her 2 year old son AND keep up with her studies.
**If you would like to give financially to help Kasha complete her Surgical Tech course, let me know. I can set up a fund to help this young mother to better herself, preparing for a bright future for her son.
Thank You.

Remember, this woman aborted a child too. She's "allowed" to say it's a crime without offending you, because she's been there and is judging abortion-not you. Orlando Women's Center is where my child died, and I can attest to the fact that they do bring pillows in on second trimester day which is, as she says, on Thursdays. I remember one VERY pregnant woman there. She had her pillow, and I just couldn't believe how pregnant she was. I was crying hysterically, and she came up to me and handed me a little pocketbook pack of tissues and said, "I thought I was going to need these, but you need them more than I do." I took the tissues and just cried and cried for my child, for hers... for everyone sitting there. No one was crying but me, and here you had this woman with her gigantic belly preparing to birth this child out all night long. It was completely surreal, and I thought, "What am I doing here? What in the HELL am I doing here?!?" But I was just lost at that point and running from the hyperemesis with nowhere to go I thought.

Surreal. A few months earlier I was so happy celebrating the news of our baby, bragging to everyone who would hear. And yet there I was, a deranged animal, a puking mess serving up hot death in stainless stirrups. The black death in that building was oppressive and you could feel it. There was no oxygen in the place. We were like wide-eyed sturgeon flopping around on a bloody boat deck trying desperately to catch just one breath, one last moment of survival.

The sidewalk counselor is not exaggerating about the toilets. She has connections with people who quit and once free many try to purge themselves of the horror of what goes on behind closed clinic doors. I heard one of them talk and it was appalling. Live births occur more than you know, and there are descriptions of tiny babies mewing softly from the freezer as they die. But this is nothing new. Go and read nurse Jill Stanek's description of what was going on at her hospital (Christ Hospital), and sleep tonight if you can.


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