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:: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 ::

CNN article says the Democratic Party is a big ol' hypocritical liar that is full of "baloney, B.S. and worse" for espousing its proud cause of tolerance. The Democratic Party platform recognizes that some of its members do not support abortion and views this not as a weakness but a strength.

When the Democrats for Life wanted to add their link to 261 other links (including the Jerusalem Post and American Legion) on the Democratic National Party website, they were told,

"I do not think it would be appropriate to use official party resources such as the DNC website on behalf of organizations whose purpose is to reverse the current platform and/or to enact legislation that contradicts that platform."

All of a sudden that bit about "strength" in diversity seems pretty weak.

Not only is the Democratic Party deceptive on its stance on the "all-important" tolerance issue, but the party seems to be out of touch with America whose majority (51%) of nationally polled citizens believe abortion should be illegal except in cases of incest and rape or illegal in all cases. Even in abortion-happy California, a paper as liberal as the Los Angeles Times took a poll that found 57% of respondents felt that abortion was murder. How did women feel in particular? 61% of them said abortion was murder.

The whole issue is exasperating. Disembowelling a child, no matter what their size or location, is disembowelling a child. Biology and science. Fact, not "politics" or "belief", has already won this argument. It just goes to show that people have learned very little about the value of humanity even after weathering such things as slavery and the Jewish holocaust. Black folks and Jewish folks ASTOUND me, by the way, when they support abortion, yet these are two groups that are typically associated with the Democratic Party. It is frustrating madness.

I have a friend whose child was almost killed in a termination because of hyperemesis gravidarum. This person is a raving Democrat. During the presidential election we had a falling out, because of my intolerance. I couldn't stand that she would support the thing that killed my child when, because of my loss, I supported her through an entire pregnancy which saved her child's life. I didn't support abortion and so her child lived. She, a former Planned Parenthood employee, never had the opportunity to experience a SICLE because a "pro-lifer" supplied her with positive options... and she came out on the other side supporting abortion as strongly as ever. You have to be very mature to handle something like that, and OH, but I was not that mature... and even thinking of it now starts to boil my blood.

Her big thing during all of that was how wrong and horrible I was for being "intolerant" of other peoples' political views. Destroying children was OK, but being intolerant was a crime. I felt she should have had a little more sensitivity with regards to my loss and how it felt to hear her, HER, support abortion with the stupid unresearched soundbites used by most ignorant abortion supporters. But tolerance, not sensitivity is the Democratic virtue, and besides, how could she even imagine without ever losing a child that way? I worked my arse off to make sure she would never know that pain. She still casts her vote to make sure other women get to. I can't tell you how it makes me feel!

Back to the duality of the Democrat...
This friend had been a suicide hotline counselor at one point, and a man called and said he had just raped a woman and felt like killing himself. My friend, having suffered terribly due to being raped, told him he was a bastard and that he should hang up and go kill himself immediately. While demanding absolute tolerance from everyone else, she had very little tolerance for her rapist client, but that's a Democrat for you.


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