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:: Thursday, July 24, 2003 ::

Abortion abandons women. Even the ones that choose life.

A birthmother speaks in an excerpt from the book Be My Baby by Gail Kinn:

"When I told [the baby's father] that I wanted to have the child, his response was basically, 'It's your body. It's your decision,' though he was uncomfortable with it."

This birthmother made an appointment to abort her child, but she was told that in her state she would have to wait four weeks. She says:

"I knew I didn't really want to have [an abortion]. I'm not against abortion, but in [my child's] case I just had this intuition that he was meant to be."

I'm glad she didn't abort her child, but I couldn't help feeling a little pissed at the old hackneyed: "I support abortion, but I WOULD NEVER DO SUCH A THING." Her child was "meant to be". Well, so much for the rest of our children. Evidently she and a significant number of the Christian movement are intent on believing that our kids, yours and mine, were destined to be food for industrial garbage disposals from day one. Either that is true or some people have the wrong idea about how God works. Guess which explanation I am inclined to believe.

The birthmother goes on, bless her SICLE-less soul:

"My mom's response was quite interesting. At first she said, 'Okay, I'm going to be a grandmother.' Several days later she said, 'No, I think you should have an abortion.'"

Bmom insists her child was meant to be, and so she presses on and delivers him. She becomes involved in a fully, massively open adoption where she and the now ex-boyfriend enjoy separate, regular visitation with the beautiful little boy. The adoptive parents enjoy this situation because their child benefits from maximizing the number of people who love him, and he will not harbour many of the fears, issues, and difficult questions that sometimes nag so many adoptees. It's a win-win situation, and truly seems to have liberated everyone involved, unlike abortion (which, again, the birthmother supports).

This chick lucked out, because even though she was repeatedly abandoned and led in the wrong direction, she had the inner strength to cry out: "Not MY child!" She claims abortion is good, but her actions show that it is not good enough for her. Nothing would please me more than if every woman adopted the philosophy that abortion was a "wonderful" thing that they wanted absolutely no part of.


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