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my view from the prison of a SICLE (Self-Imposed Child Loss Experience) due to debilitating maternal disease
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:: Friday, June 20, 2003 ::

Well, Blogger seems to have changed everything, and I can't figure out my font, so get out your magnifying glasses; I'm about to blog...

So Roe was thrown out. Not surprising. However, after 30 years of legalized abortion 1 in 4 women knows the pain and the tide seems to be changing. Staunch abortion supporters (who, in the 70's, were old enough to be fighting for your right to kill your child) maintain that women today have gotten wishy washy and lax on the issue because we have been pampered and spoiled by abortion. It pisses them off that they worked "so hard" for us and we just don't seem to appreciate it.

This is what they won me:
a dead child
7 years of tears (so far)
post traumatic stress disorder
inability to work
marriage difficulties
difficulties with mothering my living child
neglected health care (I HATE gyne exams now, so I don't schedule them.)
sleep deprivation
an incompetent cervix
clinical depression
an increased risk of breast cancer

Who wouldn't appreciate all that? And I think that's the point.

The biggest thing working against the abortion movement isn't those pesky "pro-lifers"- it's abortion. Millions more will go through it before it finally ends, millions more will learn the truth the hard way. And maybe they'll tell a friend, and they'll tell a friend, and they'll tell a friend. I personally know many SICLE moms who have made it a point to drive home a truth campaign with their own daughters.

Legalized abortion will eventually end, because slogans and lies only last so long. I dare say it won't come in my lifetime, but I have too much respect for women not to believe that they will eventually get sick of the abandonment and death of legalized abortion.


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