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:: Monday, June 30, 2003 ::

Examples of how "choice" abandons women:

Example one...
Read how an "anti-abortion" advocate does absolutely nothing to stop the abortion of his child (save for offering to pay for it), and then totally absolves himself from any responsibility to his child and the woman he impregnated. Read also how he reminds the mother over and over again (around 7 times to be exact) that it was HER decision alone.

In the piss-poor, cop-out comment of the century, this politically visible, "pro-life" activist says he has "respect for life" but that he's not "strict" about that respect and makes "judgement calls". (I guess when it's your "inconvenient" kid it's wrong, but when it's his kid break out the Hoover.)

Example two...
Here's a comment from correspondence between a man and his girlfriend after another "choice" was made:

"You made the choice, now deal with it yourself. You can't have your cake and eat it too."

At first glance you might think another one bit the dust, but this mother gave birth to her chid (after being extremely pressured and being driven to four late term abortion clinics by the baby's daddy). After the baby was born the father alternated between thinking his daughter was the best thing in the world and expressing that he resented the hell out of the mama for not aborting her in the late second trimester. Eventually, he abandoned the mother and is in the process of being forced by the state of Florida to properly care for his child financially.

This may be a frightening example of how a boyfriend's threat of abandonment holds true if the girlfriend has the child, but when the girlfriend prior to this relationship aborted their child (at his insistance) he didn't hang around for very long.

The girlfriend who chose not to abort her child now has legal ties with this man for the next 18 years whereas the ex-girlfriend who aborted was "dumped in the trash" after the abortion. The girl who chose life has a living, loving baby with her daddy's nose and other attractive features. She reminds her mother of the good things about the father and the relationship.

As the mother commented, "She was the only good thing that came from such a horrible relationship. It's liberating knowing it wasn't all for nothing." The ex-girlfriend who aborted received deep emotional pain as her parting gift and must ever live with the weight of the baggage that destroying her own child created.

One girlfriend chose life and one girlfriend "chose" death. One nurses a cooing little daughter while the other nurses emptiness and despair. Both of them are abandoned by the father of their children, because as he believes (and as America has confirmed) it was their choice ALONE.


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