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:: Thursday, June 05, 2003 ::

Democrats for Life of America has been trying to get a link on the Democratic National Committee's web site, but it hasn't happened thusfar. They have been irked and maybe semi-shocked to discover that they have been discriminated against and oppressed by their own party. Welcome to my world. I used to be a raving Democrat until I lost a child in an abortion and actually experienced what we had been fighting for. When I looked to my own people for explanation and emotional assistance I got shut out as succinctly as Democrats for Life. Abortion and abortion-worshipping Democrats (see "PETAphiles") were exposed for what they were and I removed myself from the party as swiftly as I could.

This Republican belongs to a very grassroots local organic co-op. I used cloth diapers (and even cloth wipes) on the one child who by some miracle made it out of my womb alive. I nursed him for just a tad over two years (whenever and wherever I felt like it). I recycle my head off and was overwhelmed with fascinated pride the first time I saw my toddler literally go up to a tree and hug it. But if we're going to choose sides here, and abortion is the dividing line, I will never choose a tree over a child. Someone was incredulous at this attitude once and informed me that without trees all of humanity would perish. But the truth is, no one will ever kill all the trees because mankind knows it would be suicide and he cares too much about himself. No one will ever kill all the children either, so if the choice is between millions of trees and millions of children, this granola-eating, nature-lovin' hippy is going to personally clear a forest Paul Bunyan style.

So the pro-D&C DNC won't play fair? To the Democrats for Life I say, if they make you choose then choose. We've got plenty of life-embracing room over here on the Republican side, and we'd be pleased as punch to have you.


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