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my view from the prison of a SICLE (Self-Imposed Child Loss Experience) due to debilitating maternal disease
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:: Sunday, June 22, 2003 ::

Abortion supporters remind the nation that behind every abortion there's a story. Well, I just heard one from another "liberated" woman tonight. She granted me permission to post an anonymous excerpt. For over a year, only three people have known about this. You are getting a privileged glimpse inside the cell of a grieving mom...

"I told my dad two days after it had happened. I told him and then he left work and picked me up and took me back to the clinic. The whole drive there I kept telling myself that my dad was going to fix this; he would take me back there and they would see him and somehow this could be undone. We arrived at the clinic and after some short drama in the receptionist area the owner took us to a room. My dad did all the talking at first. I couldn't stop crying. I asked her if I was still pregnant. She had my file in her hands. She looked through the papers and told me that I wasn't still pregnant, that 70 grams of tissue had been removed, and that there was no chance. My dad started to ask her why the doctor hadn't stopped when I asked him to. A little piece of paper fell to the floor. It was my sonogram picture. I reached to grab it. "It doesn't belong to you," she told me. I started screaming and screaming. My dad made her give it to me. I stared at the picture and couldn't stop screaming. My dad tried to calm me down telling me that everything was OK. Everything wasn't OK. He made me give her the picture back after she promised she would make a copy. A copy? Why can't I have my baby's picture? She told me that it didn't belong to me. She came back with the copy and that is all I have.

After that, sanity went south and crazy staked it's claim. The picture became everything to me. I still keep it next to my bed."

Another satisfied customer.


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