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:: Sunday, May 18, 2003 ::


The Unborn Victims of Violence Act would enable families of unborn children to legally charge people who kill those children against the mother's will. "When we heard about this bill, we immediately thought of placing a request to have it named Laci and Conner's Law in their honor," the family members wrote. As you can imagine, these folks are very interested in seeing this bill pass and say that it "is very close to our hearts".

Kate Michelman, who lost a child in an abortion and now heads NARAL "Pro-Choice America" [snickering at the new name], responds with disgust charging that this is "shameless exploitation of a horrific tragedy."

Laci's mom (Conner's grandma) asked that her child and grandchild be remembered and honored by passing a law that bears their names and seeks to bring justice to anyone who would revoke a woman's right to choose to have and raise her child. Lawmakers granted the family's request. Michelman says simply, "It sickens me."

What sickens me is that this poor woman

was told by law enforcement authorities that the little guy she holds was not a person and that "Nobody died" when his life was literally beaten out of him. The kid was four days away from being born for criminy's sake! What could Michelman be thinking when she sees this picture and hears that the cops were telling the mom that "nobody died"? Does she think that it's a "victory" for women everywhere?

Lisa Smith chose to carry and raise the son she became pregnant with at 15-years-old, but at nine months pregnant an attacker (thought to have been the boyfriend) broke in and stomped on her stomach. She was rushed to the hospital where they delivered her son who died from skull fractures as a result of being beaten to death. How does a "nobody" die from skull fractures? How does a "nobody" leave behind casts of his hands and feet?

Even if they had found the attacker, local authorities would not have been able to prosecute him, because the child had not yet been born and so, in Idaho, was treated as significant as a cup of coffee that had been knocked from his mother's hands in a brawl. What Lisa holds is a memorial of her lost child. She knows her child was real, and she presents a reminder as evidence to the world. Meanwhile Rebecca Poedy, Lisa's local Planned Parenthood president, insists that while the loss of a "planned and wanted pregnancy is a tragedy... the solutions should be real and not political."

First, "pregnancy" is a quality or condition that eventually every woman loses. In most cases, this is not a tragedy, and the end of pregnancy results in a tremendous amount of joy. Losing a child however is a different story, and that's what we're talking about in Lisa's case. She doesn't hold the hands and feet of a pregnancy but of a child. (If you question the logic, try asking a pregnant friend if she knows what the sex of her "pregnancy" is and note the look you get.)

Secondly, what is political about an individual seeking justice for a murdered loved-one? "You hurt my child, and I want you to pay." It's a natural conclusion. A religious deviation might be to forgive the killer and not require "payment", but the only possible political, abortion-related deviation would be to claim that what is fact is fiction so as to protect a broad movement. Lisa didn't fight for justice on behalf of "pro-lifers" everywhere. She was singularly interested in her own child and her own situation. "Pro-lifers" simply called into light how well it illustrated what they've been saying all along: there's a baby in there. What Poedy did was what all heavy-hitting abortion supporters (and promoters) do: she took the very thing that she herself was doing (advocating a political solution) and charged the other side with the despicableness of it. Just like a good abortion player, she diverted attention away from the individual case, applied negative terms to truth and justice, and twisted logic to take the focus off of her own loathesome behavior.

In a verdict that pleased Poedy well, Lisa was not able to seek justice for her slain child because of a Roe v. Wade-related state law that determined her child was not a child at all. For all their help, the courts may as well have presented Poedy with her own set of little Noah's casts as a "trophy" for "women's rights", whatever the hell those are.

Why are all these abortion advocates so worried over Laci and Conner's law? California is so gung-ho about abortion that they legalized it three years before Roe v. Wade, yet even they have an unborn victims of violence law that protects "wanted" unborn children beginning at around 8 weeks. In other words, if you are in California and you kill a woman who is two months pregnant, you can be charged with two counts of murder. Yet California's law has not threatened the legality of abortion in that state; they support abortion as avidly as ever.

Groups like Planned Parenthood, NOW and NARAL keep yammering on about what they say women want and what they say America believes (thus NARAL's name change to "Pro-Choice America"). They don't mention that 84% of the people in a national poll favor Conner's killer being charged with Conner's murder. Die-hard abortion groups say they fight for a "woman's right to choose", but as they oppose Laci and Conner's law they make it glaringly obvious that they only fight for a "woman's right" to choose abortion.

Still, it seems they abandon all women to abuse and child loss and not just those who choose abortion, so at least they suck consistently. You gotta give 'em that.


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