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:: Tuesday, May 20, 2003 ::

In Valdosta, Georgia, just a stone's throw away from me, a woman aborted her child two days before Mother's Day. She was 31-weeks pregnant when the doctor started the process and left her by herself with only fear, pain and contact information. She delivered the child alone, and he survived. After forcing their way into the abortion "clinic" police took the baby and rushed him to Shands where he is still in the critical care unit.

Police are able to investigate this third trimester abortion because:

a) the physical evidence (the child) has not been destroyed
b) the abortion may be illegal in the state of Georgia

Georgia's law on third trimester abortions says:
"No abortion is authorized or shall be performed after the second trimester unless the physician and two consulting physicians certify that the abortion is necessary in their best clinical judgment to preserve the life or health of the woman. If the product of the abortion is capable of meaningful or sustained life, medical aid then available must be rendered."

First, it's appalling that the state of Georgia uses the term "product of abortion" to describe a fully born baby.

Second, there is some question that the woman aborted because she feared her child had Down Syndrome. Since the law cites the health of the mother, that requirement is easily met by the mother's notion that delivering a child with Down Syndrome (or making an adoption plan for him) would negatively effect her emotional health.

Third, the abortionist, who must also be a physician, can "consult" two other abortionists and obtain legal certification that the woman's emotional health is in danger. He is then free to collect his fee which this particular woman paid in cash. And as we all know, an unscrupulous person doesn't necessarily report cash and therefore doesn't necessarily pay taxes on it.

Someone once asked me what could possibly enable a person to kill unborn children all day long, because, "Surely once they've seen the bodies they can't deny what they are doing."

Bear in mind that the average cost of a 3rd trimester abortion is around $3,000. Typically, three of these can be managed per hour. If the abortionist makes roughly $1,500 of pure profit off of each abortion, then we're talking about a person who makes about $4,500 per hour.

How much do YOU make per hour? If you made around $4,500per hour and worked a 40-hour week you'd be making $180,000 per week or $720,000 per month. That's the potential for late-term abortions, but most abortionists don't deal exclusively with late term abortions, so their take home pay isn't really that high. Instead they feed and clothe their own children off of the blood of other children whose parents bring them in for early abortions, and most women do abort fairly early. The point is, abortion is a lucrative business, it is easier than you think to get around third trimester abortion "laws", and third trimester abortions are financially appealing to abortionists, because they make the abortionist the most money of all the procedures.

One last thought... abortionists who are financially well-off can afford to make sizable donations to groups that help them maintain their level of finance. If I were an abortionist, I would donate to heavy-hitting abortion groups that seemed to have the most influence on legislators, because I would not want to wake up one day and find that I lost my job with the overturning of Roe v. Wade. People who become used to high living can become pretty desperate when faced with a different, lower financial standard of living. Some people will do anything to get rich and some people will do anything to avoid not being rich.

Greed and fear motivate man to unspeakable things, and it is a distinct possibility that a few people with lots of financial power are backing clever slogans and "poignant" ads to tell an entire nation that it wants abortion. It brings to mind images of Oz where the Wicked Witch of the West sits hunched over a crystal ball full of poppies bidding the adventurers to sleep, sleep, sleeeeeeeep.


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