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:: Friday, March 07, 2003 ::

(This blog entry has been footnoted as a hyperlink here by miffed abortion supporter Joyce Arthur, who claims that "pro-abortion" violence is a myth. You can read quite an interesting exchange between she and I at the blog entry here. I'm sure you will find her feminist compassion simply enthralling. Make certain you have a hanky handy as her emotional charity is sure to bring a tear to your eye.)


This is the last in a series of three exposes on the criminal activities of those who support and/or perform abortion. This information is taken practically verbatim from the Abortion Crime Report. Today's entry has mostly to do with the safety of abortion. You will not have to strain to notice the hypocracy of the law in many instances. This is a long one but as interesting as everything else the Crime Report has to say. So without further adieu, on to extolling the "virtues" of a woman's right to choose a "safe" and legal abortion...

April 1973 - Abortionist Xavier Hall Ramirez initiated a third-trimester saline abortion at Greater Bakersfield Hospital. The patient expelled a living 4.5 pound child. Nurses called Ramirez who ordered them to discontinue oxygen to the baby, but another doctor countermanded this order and the infant survived to be adopted. Abortionist Ramirez was indicted for solicitation to commit murder.

1989 - Abortionist Milos Klvana was sentenced to 53 years in prison after being found guilty of the mass murder of eight newborn babies and the still birth of another infant.

Harvey Karman is the developer of the menstrual extraction technique. His three-page police record includes an arrest for murder in the death of an abortion client and a prison term for illegal abortion and grand theft. One of his other abortion arrests was in connection with a West Los Angeles clinic where he was associated with abortionist John Gwynne. Gwynne has since been convicted of the murder of his nineteen-year-old girlfriend.

1994 - Abortionist Alicia Ruiz Hanna was convicted of second-degree murder after Angela Sanchez, a 27-year-old mother of four, died at Hanna's Santa Ana abortion facility. Hanna owned and operated the abortion business under the license of another abortionist (an actual physician) who rarely visited the two-room facility. Prosecuters asserted that Hanna posed as a doctor, performing up to 20 abortions with no doctor present. Sanchez suffered seizures after Hanna injected her with an unknown drug; Hanna later prevented a receptionist from calling 911. Sanchez had told family members only that she was getting a checkup. Two of her children sat in the waiting room for hours after she died. Later, they saw Hanna trying to stuff their mother's body into the trunk of a car in order to dump her body across the border in Tijuana, Mexico. Hanna told them that Angela had just collapsed after being attacked by an unidentified man who had run away, but the medical examiner determined that Angela had been dead for at least 6 hours at that point. Apparently legal abortion didn't stop illegal abortion.

Abortionist Bruce Steir was charged with murder after state regulators determined that he punctured Ms. Hamptlon's uterus during an abortion and then ignored the danger he knew he'd created. He knew he'd perforated the uterus because he pulled out bowel. Instead of rushing her to the emergency room, he sent her home with her mother where she died leaving behind a three-year-old son. Steir was already on medical probation at the time of the death because of his previous botched abortions which included uterine perforations. One of the incidents involved a case where surgeons had to remove a fetal skull found protruding through a huge tear in a patient's uterus. Showing their true colors, abortion supporters raised money for Steir's defense on the Internet, encouraged their friends to put pressure on elected officials and the California Medical Board, and urged the prosecutor to drop the charges. NOW, NARAL, NAF, and Refuse and Resist were involved in arguing against filing any charges against Steir at all. Naturally they blamed the murder charge on pro-lifers, claiming the charges were "trumped-up" and brought for "political" reasons. And despite Steir's own admission, the groups claimed that the complications he caused during the abortion were "undetected". The Hamptlon family's attorney said, "I don't understand why the pro-choice people want to rally around the cause of a shoddy physician. If I were in their shoes I would do as much as possible to distance myself from the likes of Steir... rather than having him be the poster boy for my cause."

In another case of legal abortion "preventing the deaths of women", Alfred E. Smith was found guilty of second-degre murder in the death of his ex-girlfriend Denna Moody. Smith killed Moody in April 1997 because she refused to abort their gestating child. The jury heard evidence that Moody had been pregnant by Smith before and that he had pressured her to abort the baby. This time she absolutely refused, and her charred body was found in her burned car near a Van Nuys Amtrak station the next morning. "What, me guilty?"

March 2, 1977 - Abortionist William Waddill, Jr. performed a third-trimester saline abortion and delivered a live, viable baby girl whom he then strangled to death. This was the second infanticide charge for Waddill.

Nurse witnesses stated that an abortionist from San Vicente Hospital, California aborted a 7-month-old child who lived. Some time later he noticed that the infant was still moving, so he drowned and poisoned the baby in a vat of formaldehyde.

Dec. 19, 1992 - Abortionist Leo Kenneally botched an abortion on Estella Gonzales at the HER abortion facility. She collapsed after leaving the building and was rushed to an emergency room for surgery to correct a lacerated uterus and intestines. Estella reported that while she was hospitalized clinic employees visited her and offered her $10,000 and later $5,000 and a Cadillac. HER's attorney called this a "humanitarian gesture". Kenneally had already been charged with negligence by the medical board in the 1986 death of Donna Heim following an abortion. The same year he performed an abortion on Liliana Cortez, who went into cardiac arrest. 40 minutes later paramedics arrived on the scene and transported her to a hospital where she died five days later. Her death was ruled a "therapeutic misadventure". Keneally's negligence resulted in several deaths and injuries and his medical license was suspended several times. However, despite finding Kenneally guilty of incompetence and negligence, the California Medical Board voted to allow him to keep his medical license because he worked in an "underserved" neighborhood.

Abortionist Steven N. Pine killed Yvonne Tanner (1984) and Belinda Ann Byrd (1987) at Inglewood Women's Hospital (abortion facility). Belinda's mother, Mattie Byrd, mourned her dead daughter Belinda in a letter to a friend: "I cry every day when I think of how horrible her death was. She was slashed by them and then she bled to death... Where is [the abortionist] now? Has he been stopped? Has anything happened to him because of what he did to my Belinda? ... People tell me nothing has happened, that nothing ever happens to white abortionists who leave young black women dead." Belinda Byrd was Pine's 74th abortion of the day. Several other women reported malpractice and injury at Pine's abortion facility. Among them are: Sandra Applegate, Vicky Rabourn, Betty Matthews, Tracy M. Medley, Susan Lee Minyo, Shanti Friend, Leslie M. Thompson, Kathryn Ann Hummell, Juana Nunez, Debra Weaver and Mary Younal. In 1988 the health authorities closed down the facility for several health code violations including: the use of operating tables "soiled by the fresh blood of previous patients", abortionists signing discharge orders for patients they hadn't examined, failure to monitor patients' vital signs, falsification of and failure to complete medical records, administering a fixed amount of anesthesia to patients of all weights, rushing patients through recovery, and killing at least 5 women. The judge said: "These are obviously life-threatening infractions, not technical violations. Obviously people's lives are at risk." State Deputy Attorney complained that the "hospital" had made "empty promises" in the past to correct violations: "They correct the violations on paper, but when we walk out the door they go back to their [dangerous] practices." 3 days later the abortion facility found their way around the law and reopened as the West Coast Women's Medical Group. The most outspoken critic of the investigation of the health care violations at the facility was a female state senator (Diane Watson) who received two very large campaign contributions from the facility. Big shock there.

Abortionist Kenneth L. Wright was a defendant in lawsuits re: the abortion deaths of 17-year-old Laniece Dorsey and Josephina Garcia. He was also a defendant in at least nine other malpractice suits.

Joyce Ortenzio developed an infection and died on June 8, 1988 after a laminaria insertion by abortionist Marmet, who had over a dozen other malpractice suits lodged against him.

Abortionist Lawson A. Akpulonu had his medical license suspended after charges were filed by former patients that he raped them after performing abortions on them.

Abortionist Lawrence Reich was charged with 28 counts of battery, attempted battery, sexual misconduct, prescribing drugs without a license, coercion and impersonating a doctor. Reich sexually assaulted two of his abortion patients, forcing them to have oral sex with him. Another patient claimed that he raped her and botched her abortion. Several court testimonies claimed that Reich sexually abused at least six of his patients and botched operations on at least four others.

Sept. 1993 - abortion proponent and lawyer David Lusskin tried to force his girlfriend Kim Mascola to abort their twins. She refused, so he hired a hit man to use a baseball bat to bash her in the stomach to make sure the babies were dead before bludgeoning her to death as well.

Jan. 1989 - Abortionist Ivan C. Namihas impregnated one of his patients and performed an after-hours abortion on her without adequate equipment or personnel. He also repeatedly raped his half-sister over a period of six years and carried out several D&C procedures on her himself. Over 100 patients and former patients reported allegations of medical misconduct or sexual abuse at the hands of Namihas. These included raping a patient with a foreign object. The rest of the report on Namihas is so long and so sexually explicit and vulgar that I simply refuse to print it. If you want to read the obscene details you will have to get the Abortion Crime Report.

Abortionist Lawrence Alozie Akpulonu was arrested for committing perjury on government documents, given probation for brandishing a loaded handgun at pro-lifers and threatening their lives, accused of raping a patient, etc.

Jan. 7, 1980 - Abortionist Christopher Dotson took it upon himself to abort 17-year-old Andrea Monique Ball's child without even telling her she was pregnant. He was also charged in 1976 with paying development commissioners $40,000 to vote in favor of the city of Compton purchasing a property from Compton Penny Venture for $701,408 HUD money.

Abortionist Gordon Goei had performed abortions for years in facilities throughout the Southern California region before authorities were called to a Northridge hospital where a 42-year-old woman was bleeding profusely after Goei had aborted her child. They investigated the facility and found her 26-week-old dead child in a trash bag. Goei was practicing despite a suspended license and was charged with performing an illegal abortion.

Abortionist Edward Allred attempted to bury a woman who died after an abortion without first turning the body over to the county coroner.

1992 - Joseph Durante was put on probation for failing to perform a pelvic exam or an ultrasound to determine the age of a gestating child before proceeding with the abortion. The 17-year-old patient told Durante the pregnancy was 8-12 weeks along, but the baby was actually 6.5 months old.

Dec. 8, 1994 - Abortionist Suresh Gandotra killed Magdalena Orteg Rodrigues in a botched abortion at the El Norte Clinica Medica. Medical authorities came under fire in the case because a file indicated that Gandotra had so seriously injured a woman in an abortion 4 years earlier that an examining physician described her anatomy as "difficult to identify".

Aug. 26, 1987 - Abortionist Nicholas Braemer botched an abortion when, while aborting a viable baby, he managed only to chop off one of the baby's arms. The mother miscarried the dead child the next day and could see that one arm was missing.

Abortionist Philip Rand had a number of malpractice lawsuits filed against him. In one of the suits by 17-year-old Shirley Bellamy, the abortionist had refused to treat her for bleeding during her pregnancy. Rand "yelled and screamed" that she was going to lose the baby anyway, so she should get out of his office; Bellamy requested treatment in a hospital to try to save her unborn baby, but Rand refused stating that he didn't run a taxi service. When Bellamy experienced a sudden gush of blood, Rand refused to allow one of his nurses to take her to a nearby hospital. She suffered premature birth and the subsequent death of daughter Sherelee Natai Allen.

Abortionist Anthony J. Lund raped a patient. The report details the sexual abuse of two other patients.

And on and on and on.

We will never know how "safe" legal abortion is, because reporting isn't required and because reports, when made, are by those performing the abortions. Obviously, it would be foolish to expect any sort of honesty from this unethical lot. Also to consider are the delayed risks of abortion, such as breast cancer, etc. The only thing that is absolutely certain is that abortion is an unnecessary health risk in all cases (outside of saving the mother's life), and anyone who chooses it is playing Russian Roulette with their own life.

For a list of names of women who have been killed by "safe" and legal abortion, visit the Blackmun Wall. There are several panels of this wall. Click on the names for individual details.

Read 'em and weep.


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