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:: Tuesday, March 04, 2003 ::

News of another botched abortion rolled off the BBC yesterday. While aborting a 20-week-old child (exactly half way through a human pregnancy, mate) the abortionist poked a hole in the mother's uterus and pulled out one of her fallopian tubes, an ovary and her ureter. He concluded with some of her bowel and only two of the child's limbs. Oopsie!

Finally the woman was rushed to the hospital where they opened her up and found that the "cavity was full of blood and floating on top was a 20-week-old fetus, largely intact apart from a missing arm and a missing leg." They were able to save the mom's life though she is now absent one kidney.

In addition to being charged for this "bad day at the office", the abortionist is also in trouble for behaving inappropriately toward two of the staff and touching the breast and buttocks of one person. Of course like every other abortionist in world history he denies any wrongdoing whatsoever. I guess when you're getting away with murder on a daily basis you figure the sky's the limit.

Tomorrow I'm going to publish selected highlights from the criminal records of abortionists. Think you can't be shocked by their endeavors? Think again.


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