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:: Thursday, March 06, 2003 ::

My husband used to have a bumper sticker on his car that said: "Every Abortion Takes A Human Life." I say "used to have" because someone recently took it upon him/herself to remove it. Another friend is having a hard time keeping anti-abortion bumper stickers on her car because the folks who believe a woman should have a right to do what she wants with "her body" apparently don't feel she has the right to do what she wants with her van. As for me, I bought a Choose Life tag and outfoxed them all... I thought.

Just this week an abortion supporter vandalized my car. Actually, that's not entirely true. The car itself wasn't touched... just the tag. We came out of the store and found the back bumper dripping, because someone launched their supersized coke into it. In all the years I displayed my face-slapping abortion supporting bumper sticker, I never had an incident. It's only now that I sport the most innocuous message of peace that I get trouble. I've been on both sides and I have discovered that on several occasions those who believe in abortion lack self control and have consistently broken the law by vandalizing and stealing personal property, whereas those who oppose abortion were always respectful of my rights even when they didn't agree with me in the least. It's telling.

While the media is busy inundating the public with images of a very few "violent pro-lifers", they rarely ever expose the fact that abortion supporters are holding their own in the competition for nuttiest fruitcake.

From the Abortion Crime Report (and pretty much verbatim at that):
On March 28, 1981, at the Family Planning Associates Medical Group abortion facility, four abortion supporters attacked abortion opponents who were exercising their right to assemble and protest. The abortion supporters wrenched materials away and proceeded to beat abortion opponents with their own signs.

In March of 1989 abortion supporters defaced an abortion opposing church with red paint, red coat hangers and posters accusing the church of "crimes against women".

March of '89 was a busy month for abortion supporters as three more of them were arrested after igniting an incendiary device in a church packed with pro-life activists. Police also found concussion grenades beneath the speaking platform where abortion opponents were to speak. If these had been detonated, the speakers would have been killed or gravely injured. Roughly 2,500 people were present.

A member of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT-UP) rammed abortion opponent Bill Soucie's car with a Chevy Blazer and forced him into oncoming traffic. The criminal fled to Canada to avoid prosecution.

Mark Hardie, a reporter for the student newspaper at the University of California, was forced to resign and was under police protection after receiving death threats for his conservative views. One abortion supporter said on a radio show: "He's gonna be a victim. I'm waiting outside. I swear to God I'm gonna kill his family."

Abortion supporting activist Frank Mendiola was arrested for calling in phony bomb threats to abortion facilities and the homes of abortionists in order, as he said, "to have you people, the media, come down with a harder line on those people who are harassing the clinics." He even called in three bomb threats to his own house. For years Mendiola had told heartbreaking stories of how his twin sister had died of a botched illegal abortion until investigators found that he was lying and never even had a sister.

On April 18, 1992, abortion supporter Julie Schollenberger of the Clinic Defense Alliance was arrested for sexual assault against a female participant of Operation Rescue.

On July 25, 1992, at a Christian prayer vigil, abortion supporters dressed as the Virgin Mary carried a six-foot cross in the shape of a penis, beat on drums, shouted obscenities, tore pages out of Bibles, threw them into the faces of the pastors and praying crowd, and called nuns "lesbians" before wheeling out a grill and burning a stack of Bibles on it. They were charged with setting an illegal fire.

On April 14, 1990, at the Family Planning Associates abortion facility, several abortion supporters physically assaulted abortion opponents.

In March 1991, a member of ACT-UP severely bit abortion opponent Chris Keys twice.

In February 1994, an ACT-UP member repeatedly kicked Terri Palmquist at the La Mujer abortion facility.

In March 1989, an abortion supporting police officer dragged an anti-abortion demonstrator behind a wall so he could not be seen as he savagely beat the protestor who had never resisted.

On July 9, 1990 the Catholic Church in Torrance, California was sprayed with obscene graffiti. Outside the church vandals left a wooden cross festooned with used condoms and a mattress stuffed with animal intestines. Someone claiming to be a member of "Artists Against Religious Oppression" called the next day and warned the church to "stay out of politics and stop its oppression of women..."

In August 1991, abortion supporters sprayed butyric acid on a church and spray-painted it with obscene slogans that supported abortion.

Abortion supporters defaced the Sherman Oaks Church with obscene graffiti several times in 1989.

During a speech by Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahoney, a bottle of butyric acid broke in an abortion supporter's hand. He was arrested and charged with harassment.

On June 29, 1991 two abortion supporters exposed their bare breasts to ant-abortion demonstrators while two others removed their pants.

On July 7, 1994 an abortion supporter was arrested for stalking an abortion opponent.

In June of 1993, at the Redding Feminist Women's Health Center, an abortion supporter tried to run down abortion opponents Debbi McCallister and Walt Runyon with his truck. In July of the same year an abortion supporter wrestled Ron Walters' picket sign away and beat him with it at the same facility. In August 1993 one of the facility workers threw rocks at abortion opponent Steven McCallister. On September 24, 1993 abortionist Carl Serratt and others kicked, punched and jumped on abortion opponent Richard C. Rudolph after stealing his picket sign. On December 2, 1993, an abortion supporter soaked abortion opponent Steven McCallister and his video camera with a garden hose. All of this happened at the same abortion facility.

In November 1992, abortion supporters set fire to a church dumpster next to an anti-abortion church.

In 1998 two female abortion supporters attacked a GAP (Genocide Awareness Project) picture display with knives. The previous summer the display was rammed by an abortion supporter's car.

On July 7, 1994, police arrested an abortion supporter for assaulting an abortion opponent at the Sacramento Feminist Women's Health Center.

In March of 1989 abortion supporters wearing heavy steel-toed boots attempted to kill a disabled abortion opponent by kicking him repeatedly in the head even after they had rendered him unconscious.

On February 26, 1982 abortion supporters set fire to the office of California Right to Life. Fire officials ruled that the incident was arson partly because the arsonist stole the organization's membership lists.

In 1989 abortion supporters shoved abortion opponents and sprayed them with a bottle of urine.
And on and on and on...

While the media portrayal of the abortion opponent is unfair, it's no mystery. 86% of journalists support abortion and they don't make a habit of presenting abortion advocates as the real perpetrators of violence.

However, thanks in part to the Internet, anyone who cares to do the research will be able to determine the group that has been involved in the largest infringement on individual rights and certainly the most violence.

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