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:: Wednesday, March 19, 2003 ::

Like so many celebrities, Rosie O'Donnell supports abortion. When you consider that all of her children were adopted, it's particularly perplexing. No stranger to contradiction, the out and proud Roe-nut, wrote a book that expresses her opinion that adoption is God's mistake for choosing a family. Meanwhile she says, "Nothing happens by chance."

And how does she explain the antithetical nature of her belief in abortion and her avid defense of children and their rights? She says, "I'm 'pro-choice' but I personally would never have an abortion." To listen to her one might get the idea that she "personally" feels abortion is a bad thing.

Rosie is a sucker. She's a sucker just like I was when I swallowed Roe hook, line and sinker and held the same incongruent philosophy. I supported abortion for all the faceless American women I thought I cared about (but didn't), and in my arguments never failed to cite the Ace in my pocket: abortion for the "tough cases" involving rape/incest and health issues. Never mind the reality that roughly 95% of abortions are purely elective, and forget the studies that show that the majority of those pregnant from rape/incest don't want abortion. Don't mess up a good-sounding argument with facts!

Abortion supporters like to justify and foster their belief by exploiting extraordinarily sad cases like the 14-year-old girl who is raped and impregnated by her minister. What good "pro-choicer" wouldn't drive such a child to the abortion clinic herself? But the child conceived in that situation is no less a child, and Rosie can attest to this truth since one of her children was conceived in exactly that circumstance. "I'm lucky to have adopted my children," says a passionate O'Donnell. It's a wild understatement that her own promotion of abortion helps to make possible. Every time Rosie takes a stand for abortion, she robs a child of life and adds to the unluckiness of other parents seeking to adopt.

She fails to notice her inconsistencies. In her support of gun control, she says, “The NRA is buying votes with blood money," and she once reminded Cokie Roberts that 4,000 children are killed every year by guns. But where is her concern for the nearly 5,000 American children who are killed every single day by abortion? And what kind of money was she using when buying votes for big-time abortion advocate Janet Reno?

When asked if she thought the NRA cares less about children than she does, Rosie had this to offer: “I would say, maybe they care about their own kids. But not kids in general." Is this the same Rosie who says: "I'm 'pro-choice' but I personally would never have an abortion."

Rosie is convinced that, "It’s sad that celebrities’ opinions are given so much weight".

Finally something on which we agree.


:: ashli 10:09 AM # ::

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