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:: Friday, February 21, 2003 ::

This post carries a prerequisite: Lynn's story.
You must do the web-work or you will not get credit for today's blog.

(Cliff's notes for the indolent:
A married pregnant woman is horrified and resentful at the idea of bearing her child and so aborts the baby at 24 weeks. 11 years later she proudly proclaims her apathy for the child and is glad she made such a "positive" choice. She ends the piece with the impression that aborting her six-month-old "saved" her.)

Like reading a true crime novel, the story just pains the conscience. I admit, I had a hard time sleeping after reading the web page. Many of the personal stories on the site involve difficult situations that end in abortion mainly because women are afraid, confused, and full of rampant misinformation. Add emotional dysfunction and depravity and you will get this random sampling of quotes:

"[My friend] had to come up with more money for a more complicated procedure, as she was into the fourth month, and did so. She was freed from the larva..."

"Being pregnant to me was an unfortunate medical condition for which I needed treatment."

"[My boyfriend said] 'You HAVE to get rid of it!' He would hear nothing else. I didn’t protest too much, but in the back of my mind all I was thinking was 'oh, shit, not again'... ironically, I ran into one of my co-workers there; we were unable to look each other in the face for weeks afterward... I am forever grateful that I had the choice of abortion available to me, or else there would be three more damaged human beings in the world."

"My husband (then boyfriend) and I marched up to the abortion clinic and got it flushed on Saturday. I'm so glad I had that abortion! I'm just sorry I had to [experience "morning sickness"] with the pregnancy.

"If I had had a child, I would have been an alcoholic, abusive divorced mother on welfare or in prison for murder.

"Handicapped babies don't have homes if they are put up for adoption."

"I went on to finish high school and get a degree in Business Management, something I never would have done if I had been selfish enough to have kids."

"I got my great job that I've been in for almost 19 years when I would have been 7 months pregnant. THAT never would have happened, and I never would have gotten a job that paid nearly as well or had the kind of benefits and job security I'm lucky enough to have now."

"I didn't want a kid; especially at this age (I would have to drop out of college and ruin my life.)"

"Many, many women feel [relieved they aborted a child]--many more than those who regret the decision."

"Personally, I think all this "post abortion angst" that is being projected by women who are "haunted" or "have regrets" is just the latest fashion. It is most likely that those who mew about post abortion "regret" are just jumping on the bandwagon now. In a few years, they'll be "survivors" of something else."

Hopefully this smattering of impoverished quotation is only indicative of the rare individual who would so despise the pregnant condition that they would break the law to rid themselves of innocent human "larva" were abortion illegal.

Take a good look at the women represented here, they are the ones over 40 million innocent children have died for.


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