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:: Saturday, February 22, 2003 ::

Dick Gephardt makes me sick. He opposed abortion for twenty years but became a staunch abortion supporter just as he decided to run for president for the first time in 1988. How conveeenient.

He explains that his former opposition to abortion was simply an unfortunate byproduct of sectarian upbringing in a denomination that promotes the idea that God creates each person, values each person, and wants people to care especially for those most vulnerable in our human menage. What chance did the God of his family Bible have when "some women" with abortion stories convinced him that the issue was one of personal choice?

It's ridiculous that a liberal would try to convince himself that a child's fate is nobody's business while at the same time supporting a plethora of children's programs. And interestingly, the "Young Turk" supports breast health legislation while at the same time helping to ensure a national future of 40,000-50,000 abortion-related breast cancer cases annually.

Pulling the ponytail of the current administration Gephardt says:
"There is nothing moral in strong-arming a personal belief, and there is nothing moral to a presidency that imposes personal morality through acts of government power."

First of all, the majority of citizens did not even support abortion when 7 people imposed the deaths of over 40 million American children on our country, so strong-arming personal belief is exactly what got us into this bloody mess in the first place. Secondly, it is absolutely ludicrous to imply that were Gephardt president he would not use acts of government power to impose personal belief. His attendance at NARAL's yummy abortion dinner was assurance that he most certainly would.

I'm disappointed that he couldn't come up with something better than the equivalent of "No tag-backs." However, he is among the many abortion advocates who reason: "If it's got a good beat they'll dance to it." This wouldn't be so bad if the masses weren't prone to doing just that. I should know; I used to shake it with the rest of them.

While some have little to gain from their errant support of abortion, salesmen like Gephardt have the presidency. His change of heart proves only that a number of people are willing to exchange the ethics of their upbringing for an obscene pandering of votes.

I'm a woman with a story too, Gephardt. I know what you're selling, and I'm not buying.


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