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:: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 ::

Abortion advocates call it a "weapon", but folks like Representative Cliff Stearns call it a womb with a view. Stearns has sponsored a bill that would basically help to provide ultrasound equipment to crisis pregnancy centers. Abortion supporters oppose this. They hate ultrasound because they know the old adage is true: a picture is worth a thousand words (and usually results in lost business for the abortion industry).

Talk is cheap, but seeing is believing. One look at the helpless little person who moves about in utero with a visibly beating heart and most moms realize pregnancy isn't just a state of mind but a reality. The usual response to the ultrasound image goes something like this: "Oh my God... there's a baby in there!"

Planned Parenthood's vice president for public policy says this is anti-abortion manipulation. She doesn't discuss the fact that abortion facilities often do ultrasounds, though they normally refuse to let the mother see who is on the screen. In my own experience, I instinctively turned to look but they whipped that screen around so fast it made my head spin. They were definately hiding the image of my child from me. They knew that if I saw how big and how developed s/he was my credit card and I just might go running out the door. Obscuring the humanity of the child is their business. Meanwhile they call truth a deception against women. THAT is manipulation of criminal proportion.

Technology advances exposing both the reality of the child and the reality of abortion, but in the industry of "choice" truth is enemy number one. Abortion advocates operate by purposely withholding the knowledge women need to make informed choices. They feed us a line about our "right to choose" while keeping information to the barest minimum. They protect themselves with the flawed boast that women, because they are women, know what they are doing without anyone having to tell them. Oh it sounds good, but by golly jerk that screen away, sister. Jerk it away, because despite clever slogans that feed the ego of feminism, they know women are just as confused and fallable as everyone else on this planet. They know that no one always knows what is best for them, that crisis is not the best climate for decision-making, and that being female doesn't exempt us from the human condition. They know that if we see our child sucking his thumb in utero nothing in this world will be bad enough to make us stay in their stirrups. They know, and that is why they quiver.


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