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:: Tuesday, December 13, 2005 ::

A question arose from someone interested in making a compassionate contribution to the current mother/daughter crisis. This person was interested in knowing more about the issue with the home. In case you are too, here is a semi-brief explanation:

Recurring pregnancy-related issues are interfering with the mother's ability to work. She is out of work now but is attempting to stabalize her condition so that she can find another job (which will probably pay minimum wage). Because of these issues she knew she would not be able to keep up the mortgage payment on her home, and she was going to abort her child so that she could go back to work to ensure that she would not lose her house.

I have been attempting to find donors to cover her mortgage payments for her entire pregnancy in order to assure her that pregnancy will not be a factor where her home is concerned. By providing this economic relief, the hope is that the mother will not feel forced to kill her child to avoid homelessness, a choice no woman should ever be faced with.

Mom (who is 19-weeks-pregnant as of today) is not renting but holds the title to the house, which she had just purchased and was moving into on the day that she found out she was pregnant... when she was neither expecting to be nor prepared to be.

I hope this serves as an explanation for those who felt they would have liked a little more information. Due to very delicate privacy concerns, I am not at liberty to say more, and I hope everyone will understand. If anyone would like to do as this blogger has done and contact the pastor of the church involved in handling the mother's mortgage payment, please feel free to verify the legitimacy of this very real and very worthy endeavor in such a way.

I really do appreciate the current interest generated here and here. As of today, the need is down to $1,249.

(My fondest gratitude to the most recent donor... who knows who s/he is.)

:: ashli 10:23 PM # ::

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