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:: Tuesday, November 09, 2004 ::

You really MUST go here and read the comments, but please eat before you do, because it will be a while before you can scrape your stomach off the floor.

I think the comments are good for folks like us to take a gander at, because this does two things:

1. gives us an opportunity to exercise our well-thought out position before dealing with tragically misguided human beings henceforth
2. helps us to understand that these folks care about women and children but in a criminally wrong and hurtful way (i.e., it's perfectly healthy for women to kill their gestating children, and the children of a woman whose situation is bad enough to "warrant" abortion are better off dead anyway.)

It's a twisted, twisted world, my friends, and abortion supporters take logic to new lows daily. We who genuinely care in healthy ways are not accustomed to the highly unresearched opinions of those who are more interested in defending a position than exposing (and being exposed to) the truth.

It is difficult for me, former 25-year "pro-choice" fanatic, to subject myself to those (many of whom have not lost a child) who tell me that I don't care about women and want them to die. Yet I find that I must stay current, that I must understand what is going on in the minds of a particular subset of men (and women). And after recently opening a comment laden Pandora's Box I must confess that the answer remains:

very little.

:: ashli 12:44 PM # ::

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